Diwali in lar bazar 2017

Diwali in lar bazar 2017

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Diwali in lar Bazar 2019

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Diwali in lar Bazar

The village has a unique tradition of celebrating  diwali festival a day after its actual date, let me explain about Diwali in lar bazar how people are celebrating Diwali in lar Bazar. So, first of all, I will give you some explanation about Diwali, we all know it is a festival of lights also Diwali illuminates our lives with joy and pours colors in our dreams. Also, It is the most awaited festival for everyone and especially kids. When it comes to celebrating Diwali,


There is some more rule to mark, Let me take you to a village lar town and explain about Diwali in lar bazar our lar is a town and as you know its away from from the main city on lar I spent some of my most memorable years. The main crop in this region is rice. Mythological, people are implementing “God murti in lar” it happening from lar church to lar Bazar, and with full of light and everywhere you will find music songs also all people those who belongs to lar they are perfect and accommodating they are helping each other.

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diwali in lar

Before Diwali 15 days when we were the child, we  started collecting amount to implement duties and lighting expenses it was a funny moment we stopping everyone and asking to give some donate. Always we are focusing on bike and cars because they are donation more also self-bicycle person too they are also helping us with happy feeling, By the way, all are helping each other.

Let me explain some more about Diwali in lar Bazar.

The first day of Diwali starts with Vasu-Baras, which is a celebration held in honor of cows, all married women worship cows. I remember my friend mother and some more women’s in my village they doing Pooja of cows and also expressing gratitude towards them for serving as ‘Gau-Mata.’ Also, Vasu-Baras is followed by days commonly known as Dhanteras, Narak Chaturdashi, Laxmi Pooja, then comes the New Year and Bhai-Dooj.

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How we are celebrating “Diwali in lar Bazar” We are celebrating Diwali with joyful and happily, Also here you will not find an sell like online shopping sales, etc., no noise pollution, no extra bright lightings! It is celebrated in very serene and divine manner

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dewali Celebration in lar

Also all houses in lar during [Diwali in lar Bazar]. Is illuminated with small homemade diyas of clay. When they are placed, they give a feel of stars spread on the ground! One of my best friend you can call my girlfriend as well his grandmother used to put ‘Utana’ on our bodies before bathing. Utana also lot of another type of natural ingredients. We get packets of ‘Utana’ and soaps of that essence in the market now. aslo you read more about Utana in google you can search in google by clicking here www.Google.com

Also, you all know about facial which We used to have ‘Faraal’ also as you know where everything is homemade it also no drought homemade only!
In lar popular, food are waooo will not get this type of food in any hotel or any where, here in lar during Diwali in Lar Bazar in the home our mom sister and All women from the family used to make various types of food items, and food is total original product they use to make food with pure ghee, and other home made 100% pure home product like milk etc.

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Lar bazar Diwali festival

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